Surgical Procedures


Surgical Procedures

Face Lift

It is the surgery in which a facial rejuvenation is achieved, stretching the skin of the face and neck. In this procedure, the skin, which with the years tend to hang in different areas, is removed.

By performing a facial tightening, a rejuvenated, vital, and smooth appearance is obtained.

Surgical Procedures


With this surgery, you will be able to correct the excess of skin of the lower or upper eyelids, since when we age the muscles that support them weaken, causing them to fall, flaccid eyebrows, and bags under the eyes (dark circles), leading not only to seeing us with more age, but also to diminish the vision.


Surgical Procedures


Rhinoplasty is the surgery that improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose, and also can improve its function by correcting breathing problems.

In Corpoláser, we have a Facial Plastic Otorhinolaryngologist Surgeon, so not only the aesthetic part is improved, but also the functional one.

Surgical Procedures


Otoplasty, or ear plastic surgery, is a procedure which seeks to improve the appearance of the ears by correcting the shape, size or position of the ear. The recovery is fast and with very good results.

Surgical Procedures


It is a procedure which aims to reduce the volume of the cheeks, achieving a thinner, longer and better contoured face. It is a very simple procedure in which the fatty tissue is extracted from the Bichat balls.

Surgical Procedures

Laser Lipolysis in Neck

Laser Lipolysis of jowls in the neck, is a surgery in which the excess of fat in the chin and flaccidity of the skin is eliminated, achieving a facial contour defined, and, in addition, it stimulates the production of the collagen and elastin (entrusted to form fibers to support and tighten the skin), achieving this way the retraction of the skin after the extraction of the fat.

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