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Breast surgery

When we talk about breast surgery, we have to talk about the diversity of techniques which exist, and each one corresponds to a specific need according to the patient.

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Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty

Is the implantation of breast prostheses to increase the volume of the breasts. The goal is to achieve natural results and according to the constitution of each patient’s body; through a prior assessment, the size and material of the implants is defined.

Breast Surgery

Breast reduction

Reduction mammoplasty

Is a procedure that seeks to correct the size of the mammary gland that is hypertrophied or flaccid. This tissue can change due to pregnancy, weight variations, hormonal changes, among others, which cause an increase in breast tissue. This can have health repercussions due to low back pain, which is why many women resort to this procedure

Breast Surgery

Breast lift


Is a procedure which corrects the fall or ptosis of the breast tissue. This can be generated by different situations such as pregnancy, weight loss, hormonal changes, among others. The goal is to perform a breast lift and look for a youthful appearance which has been lost. Sometimes, it is necessary the implantation of prosthesis to correct the lost volume

Breast Surgery

Breast Fat Transfer

The Fat transference or autologous fat transfer in breasts, consists of a natural filling for the breasts. In order to achieve it, fat is extracted from the patient, which goes through a process of filtration and then is injected into the patient’s breasts. Ideal to correct asymmetries, slightly drooping breasts or for small increases.

Breast Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery in men

This surgical procedure has the purpose of reconstructing the contour of the breasts in men, eliminating the excess of fatty tissue and correcting the deformities that it could present. The great advantage is minimal scars.

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