In Corpoláser, we have the service of physical therapy in order to make your post-surgery, a proper follow-up to your recovery. We know the success of a surgery depends much on this.


Infrared Laser

The infrared laser is a treatment which acts by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, improving the flaccidity, and helping to tighten the skin.


Led mask

is an innovative treatment in which a stimulation of collagen in the face is produced, and depending on the type of skin. It is used in different ways, such as to treat acne, blemishes, oxygenating and illuminating the skin, eliminating toxins. The result is a very healthy face, full of vitality, hydrated and rejuvenated.


Laser Hair Removal

It is a procedure to remove body or facial hair. For this, we use pulsed light and/or laser diode, which act at the level of the hair follicle, preventing its growth.


Varicose Veins Treatment with Laser


The treatment with endovenous laser is used to treat thick veins. A Venous Doppler Test must be previously performed to assess the patient’s circulatory status. To start the treatment, local anesthesia is injected and after this, the laser fiber is inserted into the vein and it produces sclerosis of the vein (closure of the light of the vein)


Serum Therapy

Serum therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that, through the administration of intravenous serum, (vitamins, trace elements, natural biological medicines) seeks to stimulate the organs responsible for performing the function of detoxification in our body, such as the liver, kidney, lymphatic system, skin, colon, gastrointestinal system and lung.

Toxins enter our body through multiple pathways, such as the food we eat, cosmetic products, or through inhalation without we could be aware of it.

The liver is the organ in charge of releasing the harmful substances for their proper excretion by kidney, skin and gastrointestinal tract. Although many times by itself it is not enough, so, it is recommended to perform detoxification therapy at least 3 times a year, to help our body eliminate these substances.



Cavitation is a treatment used to reduce localized fat, which can be done alone or combined with other treatments. In addition, it is used to combat cellulite. It acts on the liquid, generating micro-bubbles which later cause damage to the adipocytes, with subsequent elimination of fat through urine.



Pressotherapy is a treatment which, by intermittent pressure, seeks to improve lymphatic and venous drainage. This is used for aesthetic purposes such as cellulite, telangiectasias, localized fat accumulation, and also for post-surgical treatments, tired legs, sports recovery therapy, among others.


Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is the application of medicinal ozone gas for therapeutic purposes. Among its properties are: improves the immune system, facilitates the transport of oxygen to tissues, accelerates energy metabolism, activates the leukocyte function (anti-inflammatory) and acts as an antioxidant. It can be used as a single therapy, or combined with other treatments for skin hydration, improvement of elasticity, treatment of fibrosis, cellulite, wounds and scars.

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