Body Aesthetic


Body Aesthetic Medicine

Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy is a treatment which reduces localized fat and cellulite, and helps to tone and reduce measures. This technique is used by applying small injections with multiple medicines, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, among others.

Body Aesthetic Medicine

Tensioning Threads

The application of Tensioning Threads has the objective of improving flaccidity, producing a tensor effect in the areas to be treated and, at the same time, helping to stimulate collagen, therefore, having an immediate lifting and progressive effect, achieving results for 12 to 18 months.

With this procedure, we can treat different areas of the body such as: abdomen and buttocks.

Body Aesthetic Medicine

Enzyme Therapy

Body Enzyme therapy is used to eliminate localized fat, reduce flaccidity, reduce cellulite, tone, and to treat fibrosis, also for the treatment of varicose ulcers and wounds. This treatment is composed of 3 enzymes, which act together to destroy adipose tissue, improve inflammation and produce collagen.

With enzyme therapy, we can treat areas of the body such as: abdomen, back, arms, buttocks, legs and face.

Body Aesthetic Medicine


Radiofrequency is an ideal treatment for eliminating localized fat, reducing cellulite, and toning certain areas of the body which have lost firmness.

It also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin. This treatment can be performed on different areas of the body such as: abdomen, back, arms, buttocks and legs.

Medicina Estética Corporal

Velashape II

This equipment combines four technologies together: radiofrequency, which stimulates the formation of collagen; infrared laser, which reduces adiposity; vacuum therapy and roller massage; which improve blood circulation, and favors lymphatic drainage. It is used for cellulite, removal of localized fat and flaccidity.

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