Tips to keep in mind when performing a Surgical procedure

It is normal for you to have doubts before undergoing an aesthetic procedure, that is why we want to leave you these tips that can help you when deciding to perform surgery:

* When making the decision you must bear in mind that it is a decision that must be made personally, evaluate the reasons why you want to have the surgery, and the aspects that you seek to improve with it.

* It is very important to choose a good place to perform the surgery, that is why you should always verify that the staff is trained and that the site meets the requirements. At IPS Corpolásica we have personnel suitable for this type of procedure and we can give you the best guidance on these.

It is important that you clarify all doubts at the time of the pre-procedure consultations and that you let the professional know what your expectations are. In this way you will have a better experience, since you will understand everything related to the procedure.

Always share with your doctor if you take any medication, have a pre-existing disease or if you have a habit such as smoking or drinking liquor, since you must suspend it before surgery.

Leave everything prepared the day before the surgery, this way you will not have to worry about more that day, and you will be calmer. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, and avoid wearing painted nails.

After surgery, try to follow all the doctor’s recommendations, keep the rest and activity that have been recommended, and take the medications that were prescribed.

Even if you feel good, it is extremely important to attend the scheduled reviews, since in this way we can monitor that everything is going according to plan and guarantee better results.

* It is important to know that although after the procedure some immediate results are seen, you must be patient, since to see the final result a prudent time is required in which the inflammation has been reduced and there has been adequate healing.

* Lastly, always remember why you wanted to perform the procedure and stay motivated to have long-lasting and sustainable results over time.

Knowing all these tips you will be ready to perform your procedure !! What are you waiting for? At Corpolásica we can help you achieve the change you have always wanted.

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