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“Professor” will definitely rock the watercraft. The purpose Larionov increase the dilemmas

“Professor” will definitely rock the watercraft. The purpose Larionov increase the dilemmas

Exactly why is the visit of Igor Larionov, Advisor into the mind of staff of Russian team that is national fraught with risk news SMI2

Igor Larionov has constantly considered a truth-teller, having its original viewpoint on numerous dilemmas. Not merely about hockey. As an example, winemaking. Nonetheless, the company he left out.

The gold in Olympic calgary immediately after the brilliant victory of the USSR Larionov refused to wash with Victor Tikhonov. Non-drinker Viktor put a container of vodka and a jar of caviar, as well as the “Professor” said, “With you we shall perhaps not drink”. Even though the conflict between your very first five KLM together with trainer had not been around the corner. More over, fleetingly prior to the Games in 1988, once the car that is“Red lost the whole world Cup in Vienna, the mail order brides Canada Cup, the Prize of “Izvestia” in addition to pre-Olympic event match Canada, the leaders associated with the nationwide group and CSKA has publicly supported their advisor.

The very first shell dropped in to the channel Tikhonov in October 1988. In a letter that is open the advisor posted when you look at the magazine “Ogonek”, Larionov accused Viktor of all of the sins. It is recognized by Vyacheslav Fetisov, the Tikhonov – product of the system, and fight followed first with the system and not with its bright representative although it was clear, and then.

In 2013, We visited any office Tikhonova, honorary President of HC CSKA. We had been planning a job interview when it comes to anniversary associated with the many club that is titled the planet. (más…)

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